Our Spring

A Curious Nomenclature

by Angie, 17 September 2011, 8:00 am

Did you know that when we use "Idaho" in our name that we really mean our water is from Idaho? Imagine that some water companies can use "Idaho" in their name and the only thing that comes from Idaho is the tap water.

One site reads:

"Purified Drinking Water - This water has been treated with a 7 stage filtration and purification process that removes chlorine and minerals, leaving only pure water with a clean, crisp taste."

Yup. Idaho tap water run through a filter. Well, we wouldn't call it clean and crisp. We would call it tasteless with no body. All the good stuff is taken out (except the chlorine of course)!

They can even say it is "Spring" water, but where is the spring? Could it be another state and not Idaho?

Quote from one site:

"Natural Spring Water - This water is pure and natural from the source. It contains the natural minerals your body needs. Ideal for those who prefer the natural taste of spring water."

Ever think how much it costs to ship water to a plant to have it bottled? We thought about it, but didn’t really need to since our water flows out of the side of our mountain. We own the land AND the water rights. It flows by gravity to our holding tanks, straight into the bottling equipment and then to shelves of your favorite store or restaurant.

That is why our water is so superior!

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