Customer Quick Order

Customer Quick Order

Home Deliveries

We deliver our fresh, natural spring water to your door! If you are a residence within our weekly Treasure Valley Area route, shown below on the map, you can place an order here and expect delivery within one week.

Our delivery days are Thursday and Friday each week. We can not guarantee which of these days or at what time your delivery will be made, sorry.

If you are a business interested in selling our water or are interested in high volumes please give us a call. We would love to do business with you!

Map of Delivery Area


5 Gallon Jug Deliveries

We have no contract to sign for our 5 gallon jug service. We do charge $10 for jugs that are lost, not returned or damaged.

After your initial order we ask that recurring orders be for the amount of empty jugs that you have to exchange, please.

We also ask for a turn around of about one month on orders. These jugs are not for water storage.